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Other Clients

  • SADA International for Trading
  • Al-Dawliah for Trading
  • Social Development Bank
  • Bena’a Al-Ensan Co.
  • Saudi Institute for Health Specialities

" I was the best workshop I ever had. The facilitator has excellent command on conveying the message"
Mohammed Althaqafi
" I appreciate the way of coaching that helps me being positive, active listener and develop my skills of empathy to understand my customer based on his behavior not on my experience"
Dr. Adel Hamoudi
" I learned to make easy changes that could fit our workplace we have to understand the customer behavior to know his need. More days will be appreciated to try solutions into reality"
" Thank you for giving us the chance to change our life to be better and learn how to cooperate within a teamwork as well as to go for positive thinking"
Rayan Alghamdi