Programs / Workshops

Kernel designed several programs that include many comprehensive workshops in collaboration with reputable international specialized organizations. These programs aim to assist in enhancing innovative thinking, changing mindsets, improving professional skills, building effective teams, maintaining effective communication, coming up with applicable innovative solutions, developing customer experience, and designing innovative startups. These programs are not knowledge-based workshops; they are completely “practical-based” programs. Each program/workshop is tailored to match the client requirements and objectives.


Creativity & Innovation


Professional Development



" The knowledge and practice within the workshop was up to date. We can reach customer satisfaction by using such skills and adaptive behavior"
Hasan Shafie
" The method of coaching was professional and friendly. I got all information that helps me to empathies with my customer. So it is easy to find simple innovative solutions for the problems in my workplace"
" I hope that everybody could learn how to use innovative thinking in making a change to their life"
Tahani Othman
" Thank you for helping me dealing and handling different customers as well as understand the hidden concepts of their behaviors"
Yasser Alharthi